1) Both have a story to tell
2) Both of it must be few and good
3) You don’t choose it, it chooses you.
4) They have a time machine in them; we can travel along with it. The time machine is called memories.
5) Your choice on them reflects your personality.
6) The older it is the more precious they are.
7) There is one for every one. Young, old, huge or thin
8) They are the medium to bring a piece of mind of its creator to the user.
9) You might have many but your favorite remains the same, no matter how many years pass by.
10) Just the way your saree becomes a bed sheet for your baby, cradle for you grandchild, a book becomes your pillow and weapon to fight with your sibling too 😉

In the pic it is 44/100 on the occasion of a pooja at home.

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