100/100 must be special so I decided to wear my mom’s sari for it. I went to my mom’s place asked her to give me a sari to be worn for 100/100, she was happy that I took a pact and came so far persistently. She is a right mixture of values, ethics, intelligence, management skills, planner and lots of love for her children.

She showed me a number of sarees from her possession, slowly we started talking the stories behind them, and then my fingers run thru this black beauty making my eyes moist. This has a very emotional story behind.

My Mother has had a much struggled life; she lost her father at a very young age. She and her nine siblings struggled a lot with their mother to make a living or to even earn daily bread. Such sufferings have made her very strong, desire free women. She is never tempted by any materialistic pleasures. Having married my father she supported him in all possible endeavors though many turned to failures, she has never demanded or requested anyone for anything! Very simple to say but as I grow up I realize how strong she must be to have followed it for life time. I remember the times when during festivals I and my brother would get new dress and she would just say she will get it later, she has something else to wear. So precisely my mother never had much silk sarees those days, the only one she had was the one gifted by her FIL, my grandpa during her wedding. That was a priced possession of hers.

I recollect many people have teased her for wearing the same saree for all weddings and celebrations, but she would never feel ashamed of the shape god has put her in! Years passed, her convictions became reality, her son my brother settled in a Job and for the Diwali after he got her this black silk saree that I am wearing in the picture. I remember how proud she had felt. Now her wardrobe has good collection still she is like water droplet on the lotus never bothered about complaints, never carried away by the compliments.

One of important thing she had taught me, never see any challenge as small one, be consistent and get that done. This might be a small play like challenge to complete this 100 saree pact I inherit the conviction from my Amma.
Dear Amma, You have made me and Anna so strong in our minds. 🙂

Luckily I have people to recognize and appreciate me unlike her, where recognition and appreciation were also done by self.
My husband got me the silver tinker for completing the pact before the end of the year.

At the end of the pact my perspective towards saree alone dint change, but my confidence to achieve a seemingly impossible task has grown a lot.