A FabIndia Kalamkari print in Tussar Silk which is almost a decade old and still refuses to show its age . It is timeless I guess 🙂 Drapes so beautifully . And my favorite colors of a decade ago : Beige and Maroon .
This post is dedicated to my devoted 100 Saree Pact Photographers , especially Azim seen here with his best buddies Appa and Vinay . And oh by the way they too are occasional Pact Photographers ; Vinay more occasional than Appa !
Azim not only drives my car but is indispensable in the office , attending to so many seemingly little and unimportant things but in reality , stuff that impacts directly issues which matter to the well being of the patients we work with .
Also something for which I am ever so grateful , he navigates the treacherous traffic of rush hour Bombay traffic for over five hours every day of the week taking me and my car in mint condition to and fro work and the various hospital visits my work entails . Never an angry word or a cuss word , always mindful of traffic rules and never ever misses a day of work . No late night or outstation trip has resulted in a late morning or no show . That’s Azim my devoted and disciplined Sarathy and like the other Sararthy who gave Partha wise counsel , Azim too is a fount of calm and common sense and has taken total responsibility of seeing that my days remain productive and well structured ; no important appointments missed or arrived late to. He calms me down when I get irritated and never loses his equilibrium . Good traits in Mumbai Traffic .
And of course he has appropriated the Saree Pact and is my consultant in chief for the daily picture , it’s setting and composition . The husband has in fact abdicated in his favour !!
Today , being Azim’s day , Vinay , the Birthday Boy took over the official camera duty as after work we set out to celebrate the day in town .
Azim’s keen eye it was however that decided where the main Saree picture should be taken . Vinay ensured Azim for today remained in front of the camera . He and Azim get along so well together discussing many things under the sun . Today I overhead them taking about where Azim comes from . Imphal in Manipur , Where his mother looks after his young daughter while he and his wife ( a nurse ) work here in the city and earn their living .
Beginning our World CML Day activities , it was my pleasure to give him his special Awareness Poster !

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