A cotton so fine it feels and drapes like silk , this pink and mauve that looks like grey striped handloom is an old favorite from Amethyst in Madras . It begs to be worn with my favorite Bijouri blouse that has featured time and again . A long day in the office and a book launch in the evening was what my Saturday looked like and it began with a tradition that goes back many years . Pit Stop at Mani’s in Matunga from where I pick up breakfast for the Admin Team at work . Saturday is a working day for us and it is the day I bond with the guys who literally run my office . And like clock work . It is also the day I review the week gone by and plan the one to come . Usually there are no visitors and no calls and lots of work gets done ! After wolfing down the Vadais and Idlis and Upma from Mani’s of course .
As for Mani’s it’s that iconic joint in Matunga that has ruled the taste buds of the Dosai aficionado for decades . Around since 1937 it has been my favourite Adda ever since my husband took me there for the first time 42 years ago . When I came to Bombay as a blushing bide ( !!!!!) And it has remained our favourite assignment spot over all these years . Their Sambhar is as good as homemade and the kaapii legendary ! See how Azim has captured its measured journey to my hands ! And Thambi blushing even more than I ever did as a bride !!!
Busy day at work also included working in some exciting World CML Day posters that have come out really well and then the much awaited Book Launch of dear friend Kiran Nagarkar.
I have known Kiran for over 15 years . From the time when as Store Manager of yet another of Bombay’s iconic institutions , the bookstore Crossword we had launched his masterpiece Cuckold . I was on a sabbatical from cancer those days and used to practically spend the whole day and evening on the shop floor selling books !!
Stopped by at the store today to pick up my copy of Kiran’s new book and pleasantly surprised to see the Kemps Corner store revamped and looking more like a bookstore than a glorified stationery store .
And then a lovely hour and more listening to Kiran talk about and read from his book .
And the saree lasted all day too … Fresh till the end 🙂

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