‪#‎Saree‬ 54
Sept 1st –
When the saree sisters keep talking about Ikat I had to have one. finally I ordered one online, Blessed to have sisters, Seema took care of fall, pico and blouse. a friend came to rescue and brought the saree from Bangalore.
The occasion was a friend’s Father in Laws’ 80th Bday lunch invite.
It was a little stressful morning, Last day of summer school vacation brings lots of anxiety about new teachers and classmates. This will be a different year for Anand without his older brother at home. We talked and planed how will we deal with school issues. I assured him he will get the best of teachers and the classmates. and he smiled.. How I would do anything to make my boy feel happy and excited. The blue was such an appropriate color for that afternoon. He took my pictures also agreed to be in the picture with a smile.
a simple Ikat, my first one, a blue with a red coral jewelry. the best accessory was my son’s smile..which says – bring it on 10th grade we are ready..
I am amazed and proud how he tries overcoming all these difficulties .. everyday.

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