#51 and #52
It’s festive season now and saree is what I prefer to wear. Parrot green saree is in kosa silk from Kolkata and Pitambar colour Mangalgiri cotton silk is from my wedding.

Yesterday, Bhakti had a Krishna Janmashtami Pooja and we joined in for the celebration. It’s always fun to be a part of her family functions. It’s like our own. And we dress up also like the way we dress up for any event in our own house. So, I wore this beautiful colourful saree for the aarti of Ladoo Gopal in jhoola and scrumptious and delicious phalaahar. Dinner was followed by jokes and laughter, as a ritual. 🙂

Pitambar which means Pita (yellow) ambar (clothes). This is another name of Krishna. I went to ISKON for chappan bhog darshan today. It’s the Prasad consisting of 56 delicacies for Lord Krishna. Temple is beautifully decorated with all sorts of flowers and so is the deity with elaborate and beautiful clothes and jewellery. Entire premises is filled with the chantings of Hare Krishna and the smell of chappan bhog! There is Radha-Krishna statue in this picture also, which came as a gift from my brother and sister-in-law last year on Janmashtami.
May Lord Krishna bless us!

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