7/100 kashmiri embroidered crape saree,when I was going through my treasure chest of sarees saw this hanging amongst many others hand embroidered collection of mine. This is needlepoint embroidery called Sozni . Done using a needle very fine, with lesser distance between the stitches, on different fabrics like pashmina, silk, crape and now on cotton too. There are many types of embodery done by kashmiri artisans known as Aari, Crewel, Tila (gold and silver threads used). Felt nostalgic about our recent road trip to J&K and was visiting our friends Muni Safaya house for dinner so what other choice it could have been. Oh what an amazing cook she is makes lip-smacking kashmiri food bursting with original flavours. Variety from Roganjosh, Tabakmaaz, Goshtaba, Qeleeyea, Yakhni, Rajma, Naadaru, Haak saag to name few and cherry on the top is they both are wonderful host. Had a lovely evening with yum food and soulful music.

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