#4 on the pact.

Wow, this #100sareepact is inspiring me to write and share stories of all my beautiful weaves. More than that am revelling in the joy of each story and emotions that all the lovely ladies are sharing.

Weddings and Kanjeevarams, synonymous, aren’t they? My dearest niece Sneha, as much as my own daughter and I remember how frantically I went to shop for a Kanjeevaram. Somehow I feel a Kanjeevaram can lend the most richest elegance to an occasion as monumental as a wedding in the family.

After about a week of looking into the various colour combinations, I finalised on this one. It’s amazing how with changing times, these sarees too have new variations, be it in the gold weaves or the patterns on the borders and the pallu. What remains timeless is the silk, so deep and richly textured, the colours vibrant as if they go hand in hand and participate in the rituals of the wedding with as much cheer as we all do. So this saree is etched in the memory as the only one for which I took a week long survey before buying. Never did I so long wait to choose a saree. But then on the wedding day when I wore it, I felt as bright, as cheerful and as happy as I saw my daughter-like niece stepping into matrimony exchanging the vows with her beloved for a lasting bond of togetherness. Just similarly this Kanjeevaram stands testimony to those beautiful moments when I experienced the mixed emotions of seeing the very first child of the family blossom into a beautiful bride.