Have you ever gone through a rebel phase in terms of shopping for your clothes..? This is one of the sarees I picked up during my rebellion phase. I was and am a purist when it comes to sarees..a natural inclination towards silks and cottons. My trousseau consisted of exactly those. No blings…absolutely.
Eleven years into my marriage. ..I wore the shaakha pola day in and day out. I religiously put sindoor after taking a bath. Bindis have never left my bedside and washroom mirrors. I was the ideal daughter ( here I am using daughter because my MIL has never ever had any guidelines for her DILs. She just let us be. On the contrary my mother is the purist and I am more scared to displease her as far as rituals go).
Coming to the saree…this one was purchased when I was looking for a saree to wear for one of my cousins wedding. I had one thing in mind…NO SILK.
This is a pure georgette in chocolate brown with copper sequins thrown in. The highlight is the sea green border with roses in dull gold embroidered on it. It has a thin maroon border running outside the green. Generally wear it for cocktails only now . Went out for a weekend dinner with family today.