I had to do multiple tasking today,had a dentist appointment then little shopping and at last Rakshabhandan celebration of my kids at home with few friends. Thought will wear Saree and experiment all these tasks. All had a great time laughing today including me,no one could digest the fact that I wore a Saree to the dentist,including the receptionist. Still have to get comfortable wearing a Saree,somehow managed and reached home in tact with the Saree..Lol.
On the occasion of Rakshabhandan I thought of wearing my first Rakhi Saree from my brother.Those days in chennai we had a craze for the Burma bazar stuff where you get all imported items.I told my brother that I would love to purchase a imported Saree from this Burma bazar.We bought two similar sarees one for my elder sister and one for me, the cost was around 200bucks. It is very soft and light weight.Hope even my sister has retained it.

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