Third on the pact is one of my favorites – a black tant saree with an off white and gold border, and the highlight of the saree, hand painted madhubani art with fish motifs running along the border and pallu.
The saree can be dressed up or down depending on the choice of blouse and accessories. Here I am wearing it to a cousin’s engagement with a light golden blouse. With me in the picture are two of the three most important men in my life – my Dad and my son The former is my inspiration and the latter, someone I hope to inspire. The third man in my life, my raison d’etre – my hubby – is missing from the pic as he is behind the camera 
What makes this saree extra special is that it is a recent gift from my hubby. While gifts from him is a common affair, a saree is very rare as he does not like sarees – and that’s the one thing we absolutely don’t have in common!! Over the years I have still bought many sarees with him, and he has graciously paid for them, but there have been only two that he has handpicked on his own for me – this is the second of those. The first, and my most favourite saree I will save for another story on the pact.
He picked this saree from Jamshedpur, during one of his business trips. He heard from a friend about a small store selling hand painted sarees and knowing my love for them went all the way there to buy it for me. Today it is one of the treasures in my wardrobe.

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