During the nineties suddenly, Dharward became quite famous in making silk and cotton mix saree that looked a lot like pure silk sarees and some of them even looked almost like Mysore silk. They always had only lined pallus like Mysore silk sarees, however, their zari borders were like Kanchipuram sarees, their colour combinations, checks , buttas,stripes were all just like pure silk sarees. They even had double shade making the sarees look very attractive.
And the price of these sarees were very reasonable, and affordable. Every body liked the texture, the lightness, and the iron free saree, for they could wear them for daily use, and also for office wear. And a little grander and a little expensive ones could also be worn easily for weddings.
I have at least 3/4 of them, and this Black with Orange border is one of them. It is a very attractive saree, and feels very light and comfortable to wear.
I have bought lots of big round bindis in all colours, though I don’t usually wear such big bindis, but with saree, I feel it looks quite alright.
I am wearing this saree after a very long time. Thanks to the #100sareepact, I am able to bring out these almost forgotten sarees and wear them. Do you like this saree?

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