#48 When we meet, we pose, we chat, we share, we laugh.
She says,”The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” Absolutely!

We both are wearing new sarees. One is a gift from a daughter to a mother and other is a gift from a mother to a daughter. 🙂

Bhakti is wearing a beautiful Rani pink and purple south cotton with jari which her daughter gifted her from her savings. It has a lovely and a rich pallu.

My saree is a gift from my mother. Mummy was travelling to Banaras last month on occasion of Adhik mass. She picked three similar Banarasi sarees with jari weaving in different shades of green, beige and pink. Since we don’t live in same city, she clicked pictures of all three sarees and sent me to pick my colour. I choose this candy floss pink. She got the fall and finishing done and made it ready for me. She is calling me regularly to ask why I haven’t worn the saree yet. After draping this saree, the first thing I did was send her my picture. She was happy and so am I!

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