34/100 of #100sareepact is first of my Black N White series collection.
I love this specific combination in various shades. Basically with Black N White I connect evergreen & classic like B/W films 😉

34/100 moment was a day in the office when truly I felt a heroine of early 50s.
It was a show around of the property with one of my colleagues when a third one turned into an instant photographer.
The shots were candid and very lively!!

Saree Story
This is an old piece gifted by my mom-in-law
Whenever I drape, I feel her presence, and each time I realize gifted sarees once worn has a special warmth throughout!

This black n white printed silk is an easy to drape collection. If paired with solid coloured blouse it gives a contrast effect, but here I made it busier to come up with something off-beat.
I preferred not wearing heavy jewellery to balance the overall look.

Dear Friends, after a long break coming up with a saree story; and a story without any twist I feel incomplete…

An exclusive connect which I would love to share with this saree is, whenever I drape this piece I feel like draping black N white broadsheet newspaper!!!! Surprised???

I guess few of my ex-colleagues and media friends would get what I intend to tell.
Since have started my career with newspaper (media house) and have seen very closely how newspaper gets created/formatted/printed, I feel extremely excited and feel ‘I am live (literally) in a newspaper as a NEWS and featured as the Talk of Town (50s heroine 😉 which has a feel of broadsheet’.
Let’s name this saree ‘Newspaper Saree ‘– live update from City of Joy! 😉

Crazy stuff isn’t it!