Balance. A balance is a very significant item in not only our everyday life but also has a deep symbolic meaning. Call it the conventional law of nature which states that it is a natural instinct in living or non living things that they all move towards ‘STABILITY ‘.For us ‘STABILITY’ may be in various aspects as that of mental, financial ,social, or even medical & my friends its nothing but balance in life that leads us to stability …. one can say that balance is proportional to stability and both define each other. The trajoo is also the zodiac sign for Libra and thus Librans are supposedly the most balanced people in the world ,though I m not a Libran but I m glad enough to have them as my kids ….okkk that went a bit philosophical and I m sure no one would accept me as next Paulo Coelho ……..!!!
So this is my first saree from the Queen of Hearts by Deepa Mehta & I would like to extend my thanks to Antara, from her post I came to know about this awesome designer . This off white mul cotton saree with tarajoo imprinted on it and I was fortunate enough to get this last piece.
So we had this much awaited get together on Independence Day with my dear friends Raj and Jaya (whom I mentioned in my previous posts). One of them Anku had come from Abu Dhabi and this person who always preferred jeans, skirts and midis to suits and saree .To my utter shock and surprise …..she wore a chiffon saree with beautiful embroidery to the party ……(this is how OUR PACT inspires and motivates others to wear saree!!!)
My saree was appreciated by all and I on my place was boasting on my wise choice .Last but not the least my world turned upside down when my daughter insisted on wearing this saree to her farewell this year!!!(cant stop laughing…….!!!!)