A soft and simple Bhagaluri handwoven Silk at least 15 or more years old . Picked it up at an exhibition in Ahmedabad while visiting with Ranjona Banerji . And every time I wear it I thank her for taking me there and encouraging me to buy it. The perfect length and breadth , this oft washed but still bright as new classic check drape is my favourite .
Today , I chose it to suit my long day at work which began with two tele conferences I took in the car to visitors at work and then the drive to Deonar to TISS.
Took a special class today at TISS . For some very truly special people . A young and eager , energetic and committed bunch of happy learners . Almost all of them treated for cancer at some point in their young lives and a couple of others having seen a family member undergo the same treatment . All of them wanting to make a career of sorts as Caregivers to patients in their community. To give back in some measure what they had received from their doctors and others involved in their road to recovery. Coming from modest backgrounds and making time in their busy schedule of already being either the bread earners or working hard to get there. My session was on How to care for the Caregiver. Humbled beyond measure at their enthusiasm and energy to learn and make their experience work – for others . A wonderful initiative by Sanjeevani and its founder Ruby Ahluwalia in collaboration with TISS . Proud to be a part of it and happy to be in TISS after many years . Memories came crowding as I walked into the beautiful , green and spacious campus of doing my own course in Counselling there years ago and all those classes I took there later on for Tobacco and Cancer Awareness as well as on Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer .
Three of the youngsters I met today have been warned that they will feature in my #100sareepact. Prateek Saxena just back from having completed his MBA program in Europe and on his way to rejoin his company in Dubai . So full of energy as he drops in to see me and his three point agenda to forge ahead in life rings in my ears : Never ignore that option available to exert your right to make that choice , do not listen to those who say , No , you can’t do this or that and third , keep that sense of humour intact.
Then Harshad Purandare whom I have known since he was 13 and who is now doing his Masters in Health Administration at TISS. So matter of fact , as over Chai and Bhajjiya at the Canteen, once my class and his too is over, we speak about his navigating his 13 year journey of living with cancer and taking that very life by the horns , finding his niche finally . And Sushanth Kodela , a Fellowship at TISS enabling him to put his experience with Cancer to work as he sets up a non profit to allow other survivors to find online pathways to solutions and accessing support. An awesome day indeed , worthy of sharing with my fellow Pacters