It’s a beautiful rainy morning and I am ready early in my new saree which is soft Kolkata Silk, half and half. This saree is bought from shirdi recently. Kolkata silk is very light weight and comfortable to wear.
I have some time in hand before I start my day. As, I was sitting by my window side and enjoying my cuppa I can see women standing under the shades of tree and protecting themselves and there sarees from getting wet and damaged. This reminds me of my conversations with my mother for taking care of sarees.

We all know how special our each and every sarees is. They hold lot of memories in them whenever we see them, feel them and wear them. There is always a story of a saree. If we show some care for them then it will certainly return its love whenever we drape them. So, I thought I will share some basic tips which my mother taught me and I follow them in maintaining my wardrobe of precious six yards.

Basic Tips:-

1. Always wrap expensive Silk and Zari sarees in thin Cotton, Dhoti or Mulmul Cloth. Store them away from dust, sunlight and dampness. Keep them in dark and dry place.
2..Keep changing folds of sarees every few days to avoid cracks in silk and zari sarees.
3. Always get ironed from the opposite side of the saree or put it between two pieces of cloth so that you don’t directly iron on the surface. Do not sprinkle water while ironing, Steam Ironing is best.
4. Never spray perfume or deodorant directly on silk or jari. It will loose it’s shine and turn black.
5. After wearing them, ensure they are completely dry from sweat before hanging it back in the cupboard.
6. Sarees should be aired and shown some light (no direct sun light) from time to time. Keep naphthalene/ camphor/moth balls/ dried neem leaves wrapped in thin cotton cloth in the wardrobe to avoid any kind of tiny insects which can damage the fabric and work of the saree.
7. Never pin your saree directly.Always use a small peice of paper beneath your blouse and then pin it. It will avoid tearing.

8. Sew a net at the back of zari or embroidered sarees, so that the zari does not get tangled in your jewellery and get torn.
9. Stains from the saree should be dry cleaned immediately. Use simple talcum powder on oily stain. It absorbs oil. Don’t rub hard brush to remove stains from your saree. Petrol is also very effective in removing stains.
10. Always wash each saree separately (because it may bleed) and use cold water for washing. Don’t soak them for long. After washing them, hang them on tap so that excess water drips down. Never twist or wring it. Always dry them in shade.
11. Always starch your cotton sarees after wash. It helps them in retaining there shine and elegance.
12. I always avoid washing my pure Chiffion and Georgette sarees at home. They shrink when they come in contact with water. I also don’t hang them for very long as they loose there shape.

13. Always put fall in y our saree before wearing it, as it will give a nice drape and also protect the ends of saree to get damaged when they come in contact with floor or ground.

I am following these tips to take care of my sarees for almost two decades now. These have not only increased the life of my sarees but has also retained their beauty and natural shine. These six yards are our precious possession and if we take care of them properly they will last long.

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