Its my baby saree, as it is half white in colour and the border and pallu is in orange with good colour combination with slight work all over the saree, blend in cotton with silk mix. All my sarees are my babies I am very much attached to them and there is many memories attached to each one saree, the oldest baby saree to the latest baby in my closet. I love sarees from my childhood days. I wore this saree when I went to Tirupati balaji temple and before going under knife on the way I took this picture. I take care of them like babies. I wash them with my own hands and stich the fall with myself. I am afraid, the tailor may not throw my saree somewhere in the corner in his room and while stiching the fall, he may not disturb it by not handling it properly. My saree with its colour uplift mood and confidence. I wear my saree according to the season. My sarees gives boost to my energies and am emotionally connected with them. basically I love cotton and second comes pure silk in third comes Kanjeevaram. I love all colours and I would like to purchase one saree from each state. being a south Indian I have cotton and silk sarees. This 100sareepact gave immense boost to my babies to grow healthy and make my closet wealthy. Its a brilliant idea of bringing back our traditional saree on the online. After reading on 9th Aug, TOI I came to know about it. If i known it before that my pic would be in the first but I am happy even i come last so that I can follow their footsteps. I have seen wonderful and colourful saree in this pact and definitely will complete this pact with good hopes, with regards and more best wishes.

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