My first student gets his PhD degree today….
A very special day in my academic journey….
Shyam’s moment of glory, which I share as his PhD guide and Internal Referee
Tension, excitement, apprehension are the emotions…
The viva voce/defense is at the beautiful University of Mumbai Campus at Fort
A saree is a must today…
Need the blessings of everyone…especially parents and parents-in-law for whom my academic pursuits were a matter of pride…
Mom’s off white handwoven Sambhalpuri sari with ikkat design on a red border and pallu…I thought was perfect for this occasion…Dad had picked this one for her a good 35 years back while on tour and she had loved it….She did not wear it often and I inherited it as good as new…love it myself and wear it very very sparingly….
Looked back and remembered the day of my viva and the cramp in my stomach…All is well!!!A pic with Dr. Shyam Pakhare to banta hei…the thesis…the referee…
At the lawns of the University campus outside the Library building, a brilliant example of Gothic architecture….
very many fond memories here…one more!!!
From ‘padhne me nahi laage dil’ to PhD and now a PhD student….wow!!! what a journey!!!

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