One of my favorite stories, as I’m wearing the Saree, that I liked instantly and could related myself with its design and making concept. This saree is made of waste cotton and silk, when we could make something useful and in this case, something that can make a woman look beautiful also, is a concept itself so valuable.

And I had got this Saree by Vipra from Vimor Sarees in Bangalore, thanks to our Indian Postal Service that it reached me before my planned visit to my alma mater, Banasthali Vidyapith, which is not only a university for women, but a university with a difference. If interested to know how, please read on.

This is a fully residential women’s university since 1935, that makes it one of the oldest women’s university of India. It offers an integrated system extending from the primary to the Ph.D. level. Banasthali’s educational programme aims at an all-round development of the student’s personality. To achieve its objective of ‘synthesis of spiritual values and scientific achievements of the East and the West’, it has evolved Five-fold Educational Programme (Panchmukhi Shiksha) comprising of these aspects : (i) Physical, (ii) Practical, (iii) Aesthetic, (iv) Moral and (v) Intellectual.

Why I call Banasthali as my alma mater : The rural ambience of Banasthali Vidyapith is very conducive for promoting the ideology of simple living, and for imbibing and internalizing the values of self-reliance and tolerance.

Perfect category for my this saree post was of course The Perfect Match 🙂

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