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Repeating this lovely orange and rust and mustard printed silk perfect for a Sunday in Seattle . Thank you Anju Maudgal Kadam for introducing me to these two lovely Seattlers smile emoticon in fact for introducing each other to us ; all three of us meeting for the first time over some awesome fish at the famous Ivar’s and then spending a wonderful afternoon together talking of this and that …we each belong to completely different generations , 20 years separating us from each other but no one would have guessed it ! We bonded and how ! No matter we could not all be draped in sarees smile emoticon got this nice young man to take out picture ; apparently he was the spitting image of this latest heart throb Idris someone ; slated to be the next James Bond smile emoticon
The Sunday progressed into a little cooking session at Josué Blanco and Nicole Blanco’s where some delicious ( even if I say so myself) Mattar Paneer and Pulao was dished up for the Pot Luck at Pat’s at the end of which I was tucking nicely into some delicious cake .

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