This saree has a very different story.
in 2008 my mother in Law told me that her best friend’s (whom I call kaku) nephew (from bombay) coming to Boston to study and she gave him our no. I never received any phone call from that nephew. In 2009 When I went for my sister’s wedding, I met Kaku and she mentioned again. I got back to Boston and in one of those missing home nights I found N on Facebook and send him a msg, we met soon after and N became part of our family. His parents came for graduation and became our Mama – mami. somehow along the way we forgot that someone else introduced us. Now they are my mama mami. Whenever they visit Boston they spend time with us.
Soon N met a pretty girl N Who was coming to USA to study. Their wedding was planned for Dec in India but parents wanted them to get married before she starts her school in Aug here in Boston. When N & N came to invite us for their Civil wedding in Town Hall Ashish and I offered them our home to get married. We couldn’t imagine them signing the documents and be done with such an important milestone in one’s life. so we had a wedding in our backyard in a week. Their families were in four different cities in Dubai and India. the google hangout made them a part of this celebration. I forget the prep and work, all I remember is the fun and party. We wish them happiness together. When they went to India for their traditional wedding this saree came along from his parents. A local News paper published our story if you want to read more.
“How to plan a wedding in five days”

I so wish I had time to be in more pictures.. I sent them that ONE picture we all 4 were in.. “ONE” a wedding in the house and I didnt even have time to look pretty, forget about pictures.
The couple celebrates 2 yrs mark (one of their Anniversary) on Aug 2nd. We couldnt be happier for them..
Finally wore this saree to my musical meet last friday.