2012 India trip – some how my brother in law who is a malyali from chennai didn’t like any of my sarees. I buy sarees for their color, feel AND price. He wanted me to get some style of salwar kameez or a saree of his choice. We went to couple of shops and I just couldn’t agree to the hefty price to those dresses. Finally we agreed that he will get me a saree of his choice. I have few of kanjivarams and didnt want anymore. I find them very wide for me. I got back home and forgot all about this. Then after couple of months someone got me this pretty saree. Pallu is my favorite part of this gift. Looks like my sister and BIL found this beauty in Kumaran. My sister has spent few years in Chennai and Kumarn is her all time fav shop. This saree is not a silk, doesn’t feel like cotton. But it is made of love. .a reminder how fortunate I am to have a brother in law like him.
Went to a baby shower with Ashish last weekend. A sunny and warm beautiful was asking for this bright saree..

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