# 29 Most of my front rows and hanger saree are gotten used by now. I choose to pulled out from the back shelf and different sanduk (metal suitcase) where I usually keep those sarees which I don’t wear regularly or those heavy sarees which are used only in wedding season.

I open one of the trunk today and removed few of my old sarees to get ironed and make them ready to wear. As, I was about to close the trunk I heard the scream from inside. ”Wait, take me along also please. It’s going to be 2 decades now that I haven’t seen the sunlight. It’s my turn now. You are taking most my companions out for a drive and sunshine. Tant, chanderi, maheshwari, kota, supernet are leaving me here alone. Why not me? Please take me along.”
I peeped inside the trunk carefully. there is yellow fabric deep inside and got pulled out little while I was removing my other sarees.
I carefully removed the sarees from top so that I could see this yellow one. I took her out and felt as if she was very happy to be in my hands. She slipped down the floor in a dancing move. I kept her inside the bag with her other friends and she was happy to go for a joyride.
She is a cotton saree with weaving in the squares. It came as a gift in my wedding and wore it only once then. I have matached a simple green blouse and a matching necklace of minute glass beads.

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