43/100. The last few days have been about rushing to rehearsals straight from office. And since right now, my dance form of choice is salsa, I am not being able to wear my sarees as regularly as before. Till today when somebody I know from salsa sent me a message saying he’s waiting for the next saree post!
So a saree it was. My saree of choice is this indigo cotton telia – my second repeat in the pact. This is my ‘comfort’ saree. It’s an instant shot of confidence. I needed that extra dose of comfort – as much as I love the rains, one does yearn for a sunny blue sky after seven to ten days of continuous drizzling.

The saree is a complete shape-shifter. Whenever I don’t know what to wear, this saree comes to my rescue. Worn with understated silver jewellery, it can take me from a PTM to a job interview. And when worn with chunky, tribal ornaments, I can attend an art exhibition or even a summer wedding.

Any which way, the saree worked its usual sparkle today as well. And with the magic of a stolen half hour spent rearranging my books, I was good as new. Well, almost. 😊

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