And so how serendipitous that as I complete 63 years it is also my Saree #63 ! I guess it just was meant to be … And one of my longest birthdays ever , straddling the hours as the day dawned in India from where friends and family began wishing me till it ended a few moments ago here in Seattle . And what a glorious day it was , dawning bright and golden beginning with a morning coffee with an old friend of many years taking the Saree Pact photograph going on to cutting my cake with my awesome colleagues amidst much laughter and banter to getting the best view of Seattle , Mt Rainier and all with my new young friend .
Thank you Tom Marks​ for a lovely morning , coffee and long rambling conversations and these beautiful photographs . Of course I had to slip in one Tom took maybe nine years ago when I posed for a photo shoot with him in his barn studio and one which I still unerringly reach for when I need a “good” photograph of mine 🙂 . What a way to begin my birthday . And Thank You Tom for so much more , for your friendship and love and for lovely memories of fun things done together on each of my visits to your beautiful city …be it that wonderful camping trip up in the mountains where you cooked the most delicious camp fire dinners , or the day we spent sailing on Lake Washington or that lazy summer evening one year when we sat on the hillock at the Gas Works Park watching the lights come on in downtown Seattle rivalling the stars above in the indigo sky …no visit to Seattle is complete unless we have met and spent time together .
The Saree , friends is a summery breeze of a chiffon , a pale yet glowing yellow with green and mustard floral designs which I combined with an old favourite green Bijouri blouse and silver jhumkas with coloured beads mirroring those very same colours.
Just a couple of days before I left Bombay for this long sojourn in the U.S. Sharon​ and Donald​ came by with this lovely gift for me . To be honest , there and then I had decided this was to be my Birthday Saree and somehow had the “Fall and Beading” done in time to pack it along. Sharon, who has been on my team since she was all of 18 ( almost making me guilty of child labour) who along with her charming pilot husband Donald is bringing up their cutest ever little bundle of joy Theo…been on my mind all day my dears as I have enjoyed draping your lovely gift and gallivanting all over this beautiful city . And Josué​ thank you once again for showing me that really special spot in the Seattle with the most breathtaking view of the great man himself , Mt Rainier !!!!

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