A light block printed Tussar in black and white : a combination that’s good for any time . It rained a bit and was cool in the morning so the lovely light sweater (thank you Nitaji) was a perfect fit .
After work , it was time to head to Edmonds for a weekend / sleep over with Pat and the boys . The boys ! I dedicate this #100sareepact to these four young men I still call “the boys” . Pablo who drove me home from work and his brothers , Tomas , Alex Matias The “boys” who I have seen grow up literally in front of my eyes and whom I have known and spent practically every summer with since 2001. Fourteen years . My mind , as I write this is doing a Rewind down all those years and so many memories come flooding back . One of the earliest is of one bright blue Mother’s Day morning when Matias was all of three and we spent the whole morning soaking in that rare and warm May Sunshine …the next year , around the same time when Pat and I accompanied all four of them as they went in search of a gift for my new baby granddaughter Maya . They personally chose the Build a Bear model for her and hand picked the clothes and accessories with so much enthusiasm . Then the numerous car trips all over Seattle and around to places like the Olympic Ranges and Mt Rainier , the innumerable Ferry rides into Kingston , Pizza dinners in downtown Edmonds followed by ice cream and oh that mother of all road trips one year all the way to California and back ….Little boys all of them but so smart and disciplined , ready for school each morning like clock work , fixing their own breakfast and putting away stuff , ready to leave for school the second their Mom called out . Year after year work would bring me to our HQ and they would never question my staying at their home . I was family right ? So it made sense . Summer days or winter visits , cooking with them ( chicken curry and paneer a favourite always ) especially one Thanksgiving Dinner remains so fresh in my mind. They shared the blessings invoked that night as we sat around the table as easily as they shared their home and hearth with me .
Not to mention those midnight snack sessions after I would finish my work with the India team for whom the day had already begun ; cold milk on bowls full of granola clusters we would sit and spoon down hungrily . They even taught me how to pack my lunches for the work day . I forget how many school concerts of theirs I have attended my heart bursting with as much pride as their Mom’s . Each one as he was old enough to pick up them Horns and play for his school’s Jazz Band .
And today here I am sharing a crate of the best ale with them as they play their awesome music for us. Beer, Pizzas and Jazz . And “the boys” !! The way a Friday night should be .K

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