One of my favourites …maybe 7 or 8 years old ! Have no idea sometimes of where the first decade of 2000 went . It is a thick but soft Tussar . Old school genuine stuff not what passes off for Tussar these days . Other than a couple of Satya Pauls I received as gifts for my 60th in 2012 , this is the only “designer” saree I own . It’s by some one called Anuradha Vakil . The soft grey and white is off set by these beautifully embroidered mirror work Kutchi patterns in mustard . A saree that lends itself to either silver or gold accessories . Today I wore gold drops I bought when I bought this saree . In Madras and both from Amethyst … When Vyjayanthimala Ji took me there for the first time . And a saree one can wear anytime of the day , any day and anywhere . And oh boy I wore it to work , all day and then some more till I got home a little while ago after a movie date with friends downtown . So let me tell you about the day . In Seattle at our HQ and working with my colleagues from this side of the world. A great team . Began with Josué Blanco coming to fetch me from my Guest House to give me a ride with him to office and promptly being assigned the task of Saree Pact Photographer smile emoticon . Just before Lunch Ann Kim Novakowski took me to the closest Trader Joe’s so I could pick up in true American Lunch at Work style a few packed lunches (salads and stuff) for the next few days and of course took the mandatory Saree Pact pics too ! Working from our Seattle office means back to back meetings with the team here and it means learning , understanding and sharing each others’ work experiences . It gets intense and requires to be alert and receptive all the time . Our office is at a very vibrant and scenic spot of the city with the large water body of the lake just a few steps away from across the road . Many times a quick “walking meeting” also happens in the bright , cool and sunny early summer evenings.
Today we had plans for a post work drink and dinner , a few of us and it was lovely at the riverfront . Then, finally what we had eagerly planned for the night ! Bajrangi Bhaijan at a theatre downtown ! Missed the fervour and frenzy that Bombay saw over Eid but it was frenzied enough here too with the few of us in the hall enjoying the sweet and simple film . Of course I am biased but truly it was a fun film . The little girl, Munni is so endearing and as the beautiful little Pakistani child who gets lost in India . A child who is mute and then when she realises how important it is for her voice to be heard se reaches deep down into her inner resources and like Maximo in the book , overcomes her fear and disability . And so here is a chance for me my dear Saree Pacters to share Maximo with all of you . The little hero of the book I wrote a couple of years ago . Maximo and the Big C . From an idea by María Isabel Gómez our beloved patient advocate from Venezuela and given life and colour from yet another in Malaysia , dear Savian Fan. You can find Maximo on Amazon.com . Look him up . His story has been translated into so many languages and Salman himself helped us print thousands of copies so we could distribute it to as many children as possible


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