# 14 I am not sure what is the base colour is this saree. It’s somewhere with a tinge of green in grey. It’s pure georgette with candy floss pink thin border and pallu, crystals and sequence to add vibrance. I love the blouse of this saree which is fully embroidered (back and front) with crystals and sequence making it perfect for evening party wear.

I was confused when I picked this saree. I was uncertain about the shade. But I took the chance and don’t regret it.

So, is with life. There is scepticism. There are compromises. Just like grey colour, which is a compromise between Black and White. We live our life in different shades of grey. That’s the way it is. Clarity always makes things monotonous and predictable. That’s is the beauty of life too. We don’t know what is there for us in next moment. That unpredictability makes life more interesting.

The grey’s will always be matched with some shades of brightness and we are going to be in pink of mood and smiling like glittery stars.

Such is life.Take chances. Embrace happiness. Life is too short!

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