It is said ‘ Birds of a feather flock together ‘
Just like the #100SareePact has brought all of us saree lovers together which is all about resurrecting the saree as not only an occasional wear but as a part of our routine wardrobes. We,through this pact ,are trying to shed the misconception that our jobs or chores at home are hindered in any way when draped in the six yards. Rather a saree provides windows for comfort like no other garment does. That is the reason why we turn to it whenever there is a special occasion. The saree lends grace, elegance, sobriety and glamour to any woman. So lets not think twice before reaching out to them. The saree is one piece of fabric which never has and never will go out of fashion.
Coming to my 29th…it is a silk cotton in beige with bright mustardy yellow and magenta borders. Why I started my post with the proverb is because of the huge handpainted Parakeet on the pallu and this is the first in my series of bird sarees. Picked up from an exhibition , it was love at first sight.

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