#46/100 29/06/2015
Wearing a very very light lilac Supernet printed Kota Saree with a lovely subtle woven border..to work. ..

Again from my mom in law’s collection. She …..toh.. as usual… waits to see ..which one of her Sarees ..have I worn ..for the day ..
Then. .if she remembers. .she will share an anecdote associated with it. ..kaun laaya… kahan se mili… kya kapda hai… kahaan ki hai…
kitne saal puraani hai.. kab se charak chadwa kar rakhi hai… kab se yeh waali Saree pehni nahi gayi etc. .

Good bonding n binding session. .. we saas-bahu are having over her Sarees 🙂

Thought ..the Saree might look a little dull.. so teamed it with a pretty pink blouse. …
But. .I think it looks graceful and elegant for today’s hot hot day ..

Making me look and feel cool too..
What do you say ??

With Ally Matthan
Anju Maudgal Kadam

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