Serious debate within oneself .. then with the girls ( the bahu n the betis) and then the husband. ..in that respective order. . As to what to wear. .when close friends of your samdhis (daughter’s side waale) invite you to Buddha Bar for drinks n dinner.

Daughters and daughter in law said.. wear westerns initially …Wear smart evening gown. .

Mind was saying. .. you are meeting samdhiji’s gang of friends for the first time. ..so you should be decently and elegantly dressed…

Asked samdhanji ..what is she wearing. ..she said Palazzo n long kurta… ..

So. ..ruled western wear out and amongst the Indian wear.. Right choice of Saree …with the right kind of choli..wins hands down anyday..
For its sensuousness.. for its fluidity of drape..for revealing the right amount and hiding the unwanted flab :)… for celebrating our womanly curves… for standing out among the crowd..

Wore this lovely embellished Satya Paul Saree ..a gift by Sangeeta Bahl (Aditi’s mom)

Daughters Superna Khandelwal Rawat & Megha Khandelwal Mohan and Daughter in law Aditi B. Khandelwal said.. ”Wow , Mom, you are looking ‘Hot – Sensuous’ .. yet very very elegant” Best combo…

#100SareePact with Ally Matthan Anju Kadam

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