This saree is tribute to #100Sareepact. This is a reminder of something bigger I never thought of being a part of .Take a bow all of you my Saree Pact-ers. You all were a part of something unique we are doing. .
In our life – we all have made friends online, met new people and we all are part of something bigger BUT #100sareepact taught me to see something beyond my mission, to adopt someone else’s cause, to look above my horizon..
Ally Matthan and Anju Maudgal Kadam – this Saree story belongs to you.. This is my way of thanking you two. You did something for yourselves and see how far it is gone. From Banglore to Bombay to Boston now.. You connected so many of us. you gave us a reason to look and feel and go beyond.
So by now you all know about Chai for Cancer Adda at Pandey’s. Viji has been very kind and posting everything about it.
I met Viji for the first time last Wednesday at a train station when I went to pick her up. for the FIRST time, but did I NOT know her? When we sat on that rock at India Park in Providence with chai and upma we felt we have known each other forever. The two decade difference in our age was long gone. and we connected like long last friends. We knew so much about each other’s life through Saree Pact anyways. walking around Providence city we talked about everything – husbands, job, kids, childhood, wedding, marriage, friends, parents, siblings, In laws, goals, dreams and off course Saree Pact.
The whole time all of you and the stories in saree pact were part of conversation. We were astonished and happy that we decided to take part in Saree Pact. How it grew on us and how we feel so many people are connected with this simple 6 yards.
By the time she met my husband and kids that evening she knew them so well, she became one of them, from a fellow Saree Pact-er she became family.
I cannot find any other example to explain what those saree stories did to us. and then some one asked why were we not in Saree.
Offcourse two Saree lovers couldn’t resist and decided to paint the town green and blue.
So in the evening we went to Franklin Commons clad in Saree and had fun. Wednesday evening is a concert time in Franklin Commons. many people told us we looked great but Jack in particular came and talked to us and agreed to be in the picture.I wore this Saree which is a repeat with a cheating Story (Saree 16) and Viji wore a green ilkal Saree.