It is a very routine, very ordinary kind of day, where everything is in its place, everything is happening as it should, like a smooth well-oiled machinery…which prompted the title and reminded me of this lovely song beautifully rendered by Stevie Wonder.

Days like these give a deep sense of peace and and one-ness with perhaps what is called the paramatman. Probably days like these enabled our ancestors to think of higher issues like why are we here, what is the purpose of life and so on. But for me, a day like this is pure nourishment for the soul, a psychological detox day. And for it to happen on a Monday is like a rainbow in the bright sky.

It is perhaps no coincidence then, that the saree I picked for today is also a very ordinary one, a light saree with a floral print on warm earthy shades ending in a dark brown border…a color I associate with the rain drenched earth. It was this colour which had compelled me buy it.

That is the mood today…and a ghazal from Muzaffar Warsi sung by Jagjit Singh is playing in my mind…

Maanaa ke musht-e-khaak se badhkar nahin hun main,
lekin hawaa ke rehem-o-karam par nahin hun main…

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