Deconstructing the Saree – the Skirt.

In this post, I move into an area which is behind-the-scenes and not talked about much. The saree skirt. Also known by its less glamorous monikers of petticoat and underskirt. I do understand that SOME aspects of the saree must remain mysterious and should not be discussed on a public social media platform. But does a saree skirt fall into that area of mystery? Debatable.

So what is common between the Bengal tant and the Kerala settum-mundum, my saree numbers 18 and 19? Well, in the context of the #100sareepact, it is the mysterious saree skirt. How to choose the right one.

Look at the lower-most picture in the collage. See two saree skirts of different colours there – one off white and one beige? The two different shades make the saree look altogether different. We know how much trouble we go through, to choose the right skirt shade and match the layers, so that the whole saree package is without a visual hiccup. Here’s to the saree skirt – hard working, mysterious and matched perfectly!

Or maybe in the future, we can just wear blue jeans instead of the skirt, as Anou suggested in one of my earlier posts! Avoids all these issues.

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