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Memories from the past. . Looking at me. .wearing her Sarees.. makes it so alive for my mom in law. .I can see her going back in her thoughts.

She told me that Daddy (my father in law) bought this Saree for her.. from the South.. (she said, Madras) at least 50 to 55 years back. ..

At that time. ..Daddy would buy Sarees for all the women of the house. . His mom, his sisters, the bahus and the daughters of the house, his wife etc. .
On returning from his business trip, he would give all the Sarees to his mom… who would distribute it to the women of the house . As she deemed right. .

The women…couldn’t choose..what they wanted. . .&…the men also couldn’t give what they desired to their wife. There was a certain protocol to be followed and the entire large joint family abided by the rules..set by his mother ”Bhabho” .as the entire world used up call her.

Mummy and the other ladies never every went to the market..to buy sarees.. they were all bought..by the men of the house. .

Her father in law. .used to buy them from Chandni Chowk shops…and her husband … on his various business trips. .or they had Saree seller come home…

Wearing one more saree from my mom in law’s collection. . A lovely cotton handwoven check saree Baluchari (I think) with amazingly woven border n pallu..

They. ..the weavers…actually do not make such Sarees anymore. . The fabric is very sturdy..and the weaving very very intricate. .

Hat’s off to Mom.. for keeping her Sarees in pristine condition. .
Most of them have never ever been dry cleaned too..

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