My Milind loves to see me in sarees. Whenever he sees me wearing one, his smile widens and its happening too often now. Wow I can’t believe, I am wearing two digit number saree now and this one is to celebrate! Earlier 10-12 sarees was a annual affair but see the magic of the pact and the pacters. I am motivated to wear sarees so often. Thank you all!
I realise I have some beautiful old sarees which were sadly lying deep in my cupborad absorbing the smell of naphthalene balls. Its time for the fresh air and sunshine for them.
This is almost twenty year old, from my wedding trosseau. Beautiful Ikhat silk from Kolkatta, which my sister-in-law selected for me. Lot of memories as a new bride. Those are for some other day. Right now I am enjoying my drape with a lac and gold bead neclace gifted by my Bhabhi on rakhi few years ago. Cheers!

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