‪#‎Saree‬ 39
A long weekend trip to Montreal.
Pandeys had been to Montreal before during Jazz festival not knowing what to expect, so this time we decided to go knowing what to expect. but did we ?
Montreal is a city with a character. we walked miles, ate poutine, listen to Jazz, danced on street and yes celebrated Ajey’s 18th “legally”.
For me wearing this red white and blue was a tribute to my adopted home. Giving up my Indian Citizenship was a very tough decision to make but I told myself those pages dont define me in any form. I will always be what I am. I am so proud to call myself an Indian American. I am very very proud of my heritage at the same time I feel very fortunate to be in a land of opportunities. I always believed in adopting the best from anywhere and everywhere. The Saree is a reminder of “opportunities” and freedom for all of us including my sons. Happy Birth Day America..
A wonderful friend shares her Bday with America and loves Saree. So I thought what would be a better tribute to her and the country I now call home than a red, white and blue Saree.
Maura is a woman who is fearless, wonderful and a great friend. if life gives lemon she is a kind who not only make Margarita she will serve with twist.
So here it is – cheers to Freedom, opportunities and friendship and courage and strength..