Day 57. Yesterday was one of those days, when you wish you could just leave everything, sit back and find after a while everything has fallen into place. So, leave alone wearing a sari, I reached office looking much like a scarecrow. So, today, I wanted to make up for it and dress up. When I decided to drop in at my sister-in-law Rupa boudi’s home for a quick goodbye on the way to work, I knew it was a perfect chance to bring out a sari.
I chose a south cotton gifted by Ma several Pujas ago. We bought it from Bhojraj and what I loved the most about the sari is its pink border. So, I made sure to add a touch of the pink to the blouse too. The moment I brought out this sari today, I remembered a strand of green beads Ma bought some time ago and asked her to bring it out. And sure enough the colour matched the sari perfectly. Then out came the wooden bangle, again a perfect match with the beads and finally the earrings, a gift from my Moudidi Sudeshna Ghosh on one of my birthdays.
It’s fascinating how the choice of one accessory or one sari leads to another and then another. Much like life and its moments, strung like beads. Some a little jagged, some a shade lighter than the rest but together they are beautiful. Or, like that hint of another colour in your sari… the play of colours… the pink bleeding from the border into the green and the green spilling into the pink, giving it an yellowish tinge. And every time you look at them, you see a new colour. Every time you give up in life, you turn around and see a reason to smile.

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