19/100 – On this day exactly a year ago I wore the saree I treasure the most. The saree I wore the day I became a bride. My wedding saree was a handmade batik silk custom designed for me by Buddhi Batiks. Hand dyed by talented Sri Lankan artisans it was hand embellished with thousands of translucent beads and pearls. I was always determined to wear a truly Sri Lankan bridal and not go for something off the shelf. I worked closely with the designer for 6 months to create this beauty. Even now when I steal a glance at it lying in my closet I recall the excitement I felt each time we completed a step in the design process. Working on the design of the batik was the one thing that kept me sane in all the chaos leading up to my wedding.

I wanted a bridal saree that embodied my personality, and as a good friend pointed out that’s exactly what I got. Simple yet refined understated but elegant. My bridal was an extension of myself and I felt an absolute princess on my wedding day.