Saree #28

The Story goes thus…….
In one of the Exhibitions this Summer at The lil flea Market held in Bandra…was manning my stall when friends Priya Rajeshwari and Vaishali came in to help..and that was when the tired me got some respite from the crazy crowd and heat and stepped out of the ‘selling zone’…(that anywhich ways I’m terrible at).
A pretty pretty lady in black harem pants and a snug maroon Tee..stepped in the stall and I was hoping I could speak to her and tell her that the junk she was wearing around her neck was looking just so gr8 on her…didnt do it!
She was wading in and around the stall and her lingering on compelled me to finally tell her how beautiful she and her neckpc was…!
The lady said thank-you blushing all along.
She seemed to go ahead and much to the shock of her 2 comrades and my friends…et all in my stall…….. removed the Gorgeous neck piece and said..”Here,you keep it!”
I was squiggly and wiggly and ran after her and said “no no..I can’t do this etc etc!”
She just turned around saying..I WANT you to keep it!”
Unknown Women around said…don’t argue..it was Meant to Be!!
So here
I am wearing the choker ‘SHE’ gave me( dunno her name)!
Wearing a self designed gamcha palazzo!
And a yummy Bengal Baha Cotton 6yards in pleats around it…
On this Rainy -Ethnic Day to Lopamudra s Home to hang around with Cool Talented Gals from ma Neighbourhood!!
Photo Credit-my 11year old again!!
(At this rate I think I’ll have to take some tips from her)

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