#10. Before I traveled to India earlier this year, I had this strong wish to get a red cotton saree. Solid red with a thin whitish border. I of course could not find it. Meanwhile to wear a saree at an invited lunch, I pulled this red kota check saree from mom’s closet as I loved the light feel of the fabric and the basic prints. Afterwards, I roamed the streets of inner Indore markets in this saree wih my sister (also in saree) and felt great. Something about being in saree out and about felt nostaligic….it was a first for me to step out shopping in a saree in my hometown. Bought a number shoes from Bata and a handful of sarees from Mrignayani. So, ofcourse, I brought this saree along to Boston as by now I had created enough memories with it in a day and it is a fabulous saree indeed.
So, I wore it yesterday for dinner outing and right around when this photo was taken did I realize that I indeed got my red saree I had so pined for. Its actually better than what I had wanted. Life works in magical ways…often we get stuck on our idea of what we want and fail to see that we got is better than what we had imagined.

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