This saree is so special. Its a simple, ordinary chiffon but feels as though it is silk or satin. Had bought it as part of my wedding trousseau, with the purpose of light every day wear. Had first worn it when I was visiting Mayka for the very first time as a newly wed. I remember taking the train with Sachin, sitting in general bogey, arriving home late night and my parents and younger sister being ecstatic to see me after 2 whole days 🙂
Then i wore it again at a dinner the newly weds were invited to in New Orleans.
And now yesterday, at my 5 yr old daughter’s preschool graduation. It was so special to see her be so proud and bitter sweet to say bye to what I think is the best preschool ever!!! Had a good time with friends and then this photo marked the moment….playing with my happy kid as husband walks the dog and takes a candid shot of ours. I think at this point I could just about do anything in a saree!

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