I went to Germany last month on an official trip. My German colleagues were very curious to know, if women in India still wear Saree or it’s just a fancy traditional garment come out of the closet only when we have some kind of traditional festival where people are supposed to dress up rationally, to show case the olden times. Thanks to the 100sareepact, I have already decided to wear a Saree in Germany and carried one with me. I wore the Saree and all my colleagues were spell bound and very happy to see someone wearing this amazing garment. Though trousers and jeans being more convenient, I carried the lot of Indian dresses with me and got the compliment that I have many beautiful dresses. We all including me, wear western dresses more often to work in India and think when abroad we should be stick to our usual western outfits, but wearing something Indian outside India is just amazing.

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