Dear Fellow Pact-ers,
I’ve been MIA from the ‪#‎100sareepact‬, except for a few guest appearances, due to travel. And I’ve missed so many posts, though I promise you, every night I would sit down on Facebook and like every photograph on my timeline.
I must confess, I missed Ally Matthan the most. With the #100sareepact, our friendship has deepened. We are now equal parts of a pact that has grown out of a conversation between us. But more than that, we’ve gotten to know eachother more. We’ve been thrown together through busy work schedules, our busy lives and our many moods.
Also, we’ve been working together on nurturing the pact as it grows. We talk almost everyday, we meet often because of the pact. Every meeting is something we both look forward to. And it wouldn’t be half as fantastic if it weren’t for a partner like Ally.
What the pact has given me is happiness and a good friend. I am richer many times over since three months ago.
We met today, Ally & I, to take stock of our journey. This is new to us as it is to you all. We’ve never been connected in this manner to people across the world, as we are now.
And then we realised we were almost at the halfway mark, halfway through the year. Yay ! So time for a big announcement ? Yes ?
Here it is.
Announcing a world ‪#‎sareedate‬ on the 21st of December 2015. Ally and I will wear our 100th saree that day, and would like you to join in the celebration of the story of our lives.
This pact is as much yours as ours, and we invite you to join in, at whatever count you are on & whichever part of the world you may be in, and raise a toast to the wonder that is the #100sareepact. An idea that binds us together with its magical stories.
Details as we iron them out. But for now save the date !
Ally, we have our work cut out
Saree#45 of the #100sareepact. A smooth, silken, floral to begin work, and routine, after the summer holidays.

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