I have always wanted to join this pact from the time I read about it. And what better way to start than in this coral green, sheer saree that is three-generations new. Bought by mom before her wedding, she passed it on to her mother-in-law (my granny) who gave it to me during my trip home last month. Even after four decades, this breezy nine yards and its mango yellow block motifs still shine bright. This is the lightest saree I have worn to date, and in a first of firsts managed to pleat up all by myself 😛 My granny is visiting me after almost 5 years, and two weekends back, husband suggested we take her to a trip down the memory lanes – literally!! I knew I have to wear this saree, and as we walked down the lanes of V.V. Puram and visited the temples around Sajjan Rao Circle, granny reminisced how as a four-year-old I would run around the temple corridors as she and my late-grandpa said their prayers. The evening ended on an unexpectedly nostalgic note. When we visited the Venkatachalapathy kovil, granny showed one of the temple corridors where Thirupavai recitals were held every morning in the month of Margazhi. My grandparents would visit this temple and pray to Andal amman to bless the family with a girl child. On one such wintry morning, when they sat listening to the recitals, came the joyous news that a girl was born in the family after a wait of two generations. On a cool summer evening 35 years later, that girl stood with her granny in the very same corridors watching her son run around the temple with carefree innocence 🙂 And that was when I realized that this saree and the temples shared a common something, both are frozen in time – ageless, timeless, and divine. So here’s to more saree celebrations and stories!!

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