13/100 #100sareepact

Over the years I have had these phases when I am obsessed with certain colours and colour combinations that have very well covered most of the colours in the colour wheel. I am drawn to vibrant happy passionate colours. But grey has never ever been near this spectrum of colours. Sometimes I think I wondered whether it was even a colour. So monotonous, so lack lustre. So neutral, impartial, detached and dispassionate, I could never relate to it.

But for Prado it represents safety, security. For him grey is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world (or maybe just chaotic n clumsy me;)). The color grey is subdued, quiet and reserved. It does not stimulate, energize, rejuvenate or excite. Just like his personality. Elegant and formal, never glamourous, very conventional dependable and practical. It is a colour of maturity and responsilibility.

Hmm, aren’t we quite like chalk n cheese! Well, then it won’t be a surprise that this is the only grey saree I own and it is gifted to me by the man. This is the taanth that he got for me alongwith the baluchari (see saree no. 9). Well the way he puts it is that he loved the way the bright yellow and dark navy blue juxtaposes with the grey. Also the woven dull gold butis all across the saree and the mango shaped paisley border are gorgous. Here for a change I do agree with him. It is a beautiful saree with contrasting and contradicting colours.

I wore it yesterday. I had a doctor’s visit in the morning followed by meetings thru the day in Baroda. Even managed to squeeze in a relaxed scrumptious five course Italian meal with Prado for lunch. Left home at 9 am and got back only at 11 pm, that makes it a straight 14 hours in a saree. Phew. And felt as comfortable as I would in any other garment.

The picture on the left is taken on a small bylane offshooting from NH8 on our way to Baroda in the morning. Prado saw it from the overbridge and got all excited to click pics for the #100sareepact. It was a beautiful little lane with trees on both sides forming a lovely canopy. Oh how I love these 10-15 minutes of extra together time we get shooting whenever I wear a saree. The pic on the right is just post lunch while I was lounging in café waiting for my expresso to keep myself from dozing off.

What an amazing day in a saree that evokes conflicting emotions!

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