I read about the 100 saree pact and wanted to join in right away….but I wanted an occasion to mark it. So I’m taking inspiration from Ganesha, who went around his parents and said he had gone around the world.
Here I am then, starting on this lovely journey on my parents’ 51st anniversary by dedicating this 100-saree (and maybe more) journey to them for all their love, teachings and blessings.
I like the common threads: Ganesha…parents…blessings…new journey…?!

This saree is the oldest in my collection, bought by my mom to mark my graduation, nearly 25 years ago. It is a Banarasi silk with a beautiful pallu weaved in rich hues. I had first worn it during my PG year, on one of the Navratri days. My guide, Ms. Chatterjee took one look at me when I went to the department, and pulled me by the hand saying “Come with me”…in a tone that brooked no question or argument, whatsoever. Mutely, I had followed. She took me to the staff room and declared to all the other teachers seated there “Look at her saree…isn’t it gorgeous!” And I had burst out laughing with great relief.