We are a cultural planning consultancy based in Mumbai, and work on some of the most exciting museum and cultural projects in South Asia. Our motley crew of architects, designers and researchers are purveyors of all things bright, beautiful and old. True to the stereotype – for once, of fashion choices of ‘art and NGO type’ professionals, we love our handloom sarees (discounting the one boy in the picture, who did wear a handloom kurta) and would do this more frequently, if our city was more cooperative. However, commuting into our office in downtown Mumbai is pretty much like the Fellowship’s journey across Middle Earth, with trains, buses, rickshaws and humans throwing up challenges first thing in the morning.

Here we are, in our finest sarees. Well, mostly our colleague Batul’s finest handloom sarees, but it is the thought that counts. We hope to do this again soon!

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