Never been with out saree…
I am Maharashtra born Bengali married to an Editor based in Delhi. I was very fond of wearing saree and used to dream wearing sarees like the one, Mumtaz had in Kati Patang. I was never comfortable with jeans. In college, I used to wear salwar kameez. My hubby, a pucca Delhiwala, wanted me to wear jeans and tops. As I continuously refused to fulfill his wish, first few month were of very tough adjusting with him. In fact, he was not aware of the beauty of wearing a saree. Then fortunately for me, within four months, Durga Puja came and I took him to Bengal Saree Emporium in Gole market. Earlier, he reluctant to enter the show room… but one he did so, he never thought of coming out. I was surprised to see him enquiring about various sarees and at last we took three Kanjivaram, one Bengali –paarer saree and two georgette saree.
Shockingly for me, after that he never asked me to wear western dresses.. I am now a mother of a ten years old son…and since then saree has become my favourite wardrobe.

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